Get Easy way to Transfer Outlook Folders to a New Computer

The article intends to describe the process of transferring your Outlook folders etc. from an older computer to a new one. The information compiled here is simple and right till date. It is still suggested that users follow the directions accurately to avoid confronting issues. This will essentially save time and money that will otherwise be spent on looking for Contact number for Outlook.

Need help moving your Outlook folders to another computer from the old one? It's probable that you are preparing to either discard your old computer or reformat it etc. due to several factors. Well, whatever the motive is, the solution has to be found out. The below mentioned guide can allow you to perform the desired task on your own. This basically sidelines the requirement of calling Microsoft technical assistance.
•First copy all of your Outlook data to a different folder (on the older computer) and put it on the desktop or a location where it is readily reachable from. Give a title to the folder so that it can be identified readily like Outlook backup. This will launch the Import and sitemap. Click Export to a file and then hit the Next button. Highlight Personal Folder File (.pst) then click on Next.
•Click to choose the folders that you want to export into the .pst file. Click to check the box Include Sub folders and then hit Next. If you would like to copy the entire Outlook information, then click in your mailbox (it should be like Mailbox - John Smith), similarly include sub folders and then hit the Next button.
•This will show the default location of the saved .pst file under the File to import box. Leave the place as it is if you don't need to change, but notice it down on a piece of paper for additional accessing. Or click the Browse button and save the file to desktop (highly recommended due to convenience) or other place of your selection. Give a title to the file such as Outlook data backup (or any name of your choice). When completed, click on the Finish button to exit the wizard.
•Now insert a DVD\CD or flash drive into your computer and copy (burn off ) this recently created .pst file data to it. When you are finished taking backup to the CD, remove it and keep it into a safe place for further use.
•Currently set up your new computer when you have not previously done so. Setup and configure Outlook too. When done, add the flash drive or CD that you copied the .pst file to and replicate it to the desktop computer in a fresh folder or as would be it (it will show the default title of the document ).
•Once done, remove the drive and open Outlook. Click on the File tab and select Import and Export. When the wizard opens , click Import from another program or file and click on Next. Select Personal Folder File (.pst) and then press next. Click the Browse button and then navigate to background or the place you stored the .pst to (from the DVD etc.). Double click on the file, leave the Allow Duplicates to be created option checked, pick sub folders also and hit the Next button. Click the Finish button to close the wizard. You shall now have your Outlook data copied into the computer.
Additional Tips:
The article covers directions for Microsoft Outlook 2007. For different emails customers like MS-Outlook 2010 or Outlook Express, the overall procedure will remain the same. On the other hand, the choices to find or export document might differ slightly.
Maintain the CD\DVD which you backed up your Outlook data to secure and undamaged for future functions.
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