Advantage and Uses of Norton Antivirus

Norton is utilized by millions of people all over the world due to its reliability. But users face various issues with Norton especially with Windows 10. These issues can be readily fixed by you if you simply know exactly what to do. Within this article we'll discuss about some of such troubles. 

We the advancement of technologies we have started using Windows 10, which is quite different from other windows and that is the reason you'll have to be careful while installing Norton in it. As not all the Norton antivirus are compatible with Windows 10. Let us look at things you may face with Norton:

To obtain and install Norton on apparatus In the Norton Setup Window click download, now enter the product key to continue. Click Agree & download, if you are a chrome user on the bottom left corner; double click on the file that's downloaded. You will notice the user accounts control window, click continue to finish setup.

I can't find my Norton in Windows 10

To fix the issue you need to download and run the fix tool. Save the file on the desktop and then right click on desktop to Windows 10 Norton Upgrader.exe document and then click Run as secretary. You will see an installation prompt window, click in it. Now follow the directions on the screen to complete the installation.

After upgrading your operating system to windows 10 you might see the concept that Norton isn't compatible with all the windows. You'll find this message on the bottom right. There you may have two choices Update and Maintain. Click on update, in the user account management dialog box click Yes. You will see the installation prompt window, click on it. To correct the issue follow the directions given on the screen.

Can't Start Norton Product

If you can't begin the program first thing you have to do is restart your computer after exiting all programs. If that does not resolve the issue then uninstall the Norton from your device and download Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. Open your own download and click Norton Remove and Reinstall icon. Read the license agreement and click on agree, now click remove and reinstall, and then click continue. Finally restart your computer and then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

Apart from the above issues there are a number of other problems too that individuals usually confront with Norton antivirus. We provide you complete tech support at norton activation to solve these issues in least time. Hurry up! Without delay let us know about your issue and let us get it repaired with our distant tech services.


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