Get Easy way to Recover Documents Deleted by McAfee

The article intends to explain how the files deleted from McAfee antivirus may be recovered.  The approaches described here is easy and correct until date.  It is still advised that users follow the directions accurately to prevent running into problems.  This will save them from spending time and money looking for McAfee product service.

Apart from protecting your computer from nasty viruses, spyware etc., McAfee can remove significant data files from it in its virus removal project.   The below mentioned tips can allow you to do the recovery by yourself. 

Because it isn't feasible to recoup the deleted files manually, you would need to download and run a data retrieval tool.  You can choose from a wide selection of available free or paid tools such as RESCUER data retrieval master, Recover, Au Logic Boost Speed, UN delete Plus, Recover Deleted Files, and Drive.

When you have concluded on some of the above mentioned tools, download it by a trusted web site.  When prompted, save the document to a place in computer where it can be easily accessed from.  After the file is saved, locate it and operate to initiate the setup procedure.   It's suggested to store the file on desktop for convenience.

We'll discuss about the RESCUER data recovery master instrument here (it can be downloaded from its official site).  Download, save, and install the app in exactly the same above mentioned fashion.  Double click on the icon of the RESCUER app to start it.  When prompted about the retrieval operation, click Deleted Recover.

When given the listing of all the present drives on your computer, select the hard disk drive that has to be recovered the files from and hit the OK button.  Beneath the Folder view, check all the folders and find the one that gets the deleted files in it (it might be termed anything like deleted files or, you must check it).   Click the OK button and you will have all your documents recovered that were deleted by the McAfee antivirus.

Added Tips:
If you want to prevent mcafee activate enter code from automatically removing files that are valid rather than threats, you should lose an email.  The email should contain the sample of the file incorporated into a zipped folder using the header (theme) containing False.  McAfee will eventually learn that this file shouldn't be marked and deleted automatically.


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